About Us

About Us

Ade Dehye is a fashion brand that draws inspiration from across the African Diaspora. We are ethically and sustainably made in Ghana, and all of our textiles are sourced on the continent of Africa. So far, all of the fabrics we've used are either hand dyed or hand woven on the continent. It’s one thing to be Black owned, but it’s another to be 100% Black owned and operated, all the way down to the weaving and dyeing of the fabric and the tailoring of the finished product. While some companies only look to the continent to be a recipient of charity or share a portion of their proceeds, we chose to invest directly into the continent and set up shop in Ghana, contributing to the country's growing economy as we build.

When people shop with Ade Dehye, they are doing more than just purchasing our outfits. They are investing in the continent of Africa and a young designer with the goal of showing the world what can be built through equitable investment in the Black community. While far too many fashion companies currently and historically have only sought to take away from our culture and profit, our hope is that we will continue to develop a fashion brand that you can feel royal in while simultaneously knowing your purchase supports economic growth across the African diaspora.

Meet The Founder: Akintunde Ahmad

As an African American person who was born and raised in Oakland, CA, I always wanted to return to the land of my ancestors and spend time in West Africa.  I got my opportunity in 2016, when I chose to spend half of my year taking time away from my campus to study at the University of Ghana.

I was immediately captivated by the fashion culture in Accra. What made me love the scene was that each person dressed so uniquely. With an abundance of tailors and access to any kind of fabric you could desire, from woven kente to wax print to bogolanfini (mudcloth), people could quickly get anything they imagined turned into a reality. I immediately started sketching designs, visiting fabric markets, and getting my own pieces made, and the idea for Ade Dehye was born. Ade, my middle name, means royal in Yoruba, and Dehye means royal in Twi.

I started off making items for myself and family, but whenever I posted pictures on social media or wore these outfits back in the states, friends and strangers would ask where I got my clothes from and how could they get their hands on something similar. After thinking about the idea for years, in 2020, I actually made the decision to start the brand and fuse West African textiles with urban streetwear and luxury design, and I haven't looked back since.